We are Trilixers

  • Trilix is an expert in Magento, our founders had worked at Magento company since it was beta. We have developed dozens eCommerce solutions and have a deep knowledge of it. If you want to use Magento - we will help you to do this in the most efficient way!
  • Our team is experienced in Magento 2 Platform. We’ve already built Payment Gateway extensions for M2 and have a real life experience how to work with new version of the best eCommerce platform!
  • Trilix is a high skilled in Akeneo PIM solution. We have built several success Akeneo PIM implementations integrated with Magento shops for B2B customers. Akeneo Bronze Partner
  • Pim2Magento: making reliable integration possible. REST API integration between Akeneo PIM and Magento2 from Trilix.
    • Reliability
    • Stability
    • Scalability
    • Minimized dependence from Magento2

What we offer

  • SWOT Consulting

    We will help you to analyze following areas in your online business:

    • S: strengths
    • W: weaknesses
    • O: opportunities
    • T: threats
  • Optimization

    Applying the most appropriate, individual tools and technologies to deliver you the easiest way to use your eCommerce solution.

  • Integrations

    Building linking bridges between various eCommerce platforms to enable the whole system work properly. The Enterprise System Experience ­ From Adoption to Success.

    • eCommerce Shop
    • ERP (SAP)
    • PIM
    • CRM

Our Mission

  • To be the leading provider of IT solutions. We can do IT!
  • To help our clients maximize their value in their online business.
  • To refresh the eCommerce world!

Our Values

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. We are independent, free minded software artists.
  • Clients. We value our customers as part of the team and as business partners. Of course, we are customer focused, extremely responsive and 24 hours supporting. We are dedicated to provide the best quality of service to our clients. And we believe that together we will reach the incredible goals and objectives.
  • Community. Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.
  • Productivity. Be a highly effective, innovative and fast­moving company.
  • Integrity. We believe that only fair and open relationships is the only one way to do the business.
  • Innovation. Pushing new ideas that have the potential to change the eCommerce world.

Our Services

  • Magento 1/2 Magento 1 & 2
    • eCommerce solutions
    • Extension development
    • Integrations
    • Upgrades
  • Oro eco­system Oro Ecosystem
    • Oro Platform
    • OroCRM
    • Oro eCommerce
  • Akeneo PIM development Akeneo PIM
    • Integrations
    • Upgrades
    • Custom development
  • ERP (SAP) integrations ERP (SAP) integrations
  • Symfony development Symfony development
  • Backbone, Node.js development Backbone, Node.js development

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